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Date of Birth: 18-07-05
Languages Spoken: Polish, English and Italian
Residence: Poznan
Height: 181cm
Weight: 60kg
Hobbies: apart from racing, skiing, photography
Racing Goals: World Championship, F1 or DTM
Racing Hero: Ayrton Senna, Carlos Sainz Sr, Max Verstappen
My fitness routine includes: work at physical condition, neck and body strength and mental training

Polish driver Kuba started to race in Junior in 2018 then 2019, approaching go kart Mini 2017 in Poland. Thanks to his passion and the hangry he started to race in 2019 the Rok cup Poland, arriving to compete in the B final top 5 of the ROK Superfinal.

This allowed him to approach the international category Wsk Euro series long 2020 and to move up in OK class, which he did the first races. Meanwhile, he was 3rd in the Rok Cup Poland and and 5th in the Rok Cup Superfinal in the Senior Category. In Wsk instead he scored a good haul of points.

With his rookie OK season , under his belt and a year of training behind him, in 2021 he arrived in the Top Karting competition and thanks to his skills showed which did allow to join a factory team.

For more information you can visit My Season.

Whether he has ever competed on the particular race circuit or not, a quick study, always willing to learn and determined to win are just a few assets in his arsenal that will allow him to jump soon in single seater.

My season


SARNO – Cir International Napoli – IT- FiA

ZUERA – Cir International  Zuera- ES- FiA

SOUTH GARDA – Cir South of Garda – ITA- WKS

29/09 – 03/10
ADRIA– Cir International Raceway – ITA- WKS

CAMPILLOS – 3rd round of RGMMC Champions of the future in OK
Cir Internacional de Campillos Malaga – ES

CAMPILLOS – Cir Internacional de Campillos Malaga – ES – FiA

ADRIA – Cir Adria Karting Raceway – ITA- FiA

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Kuba possesses a pair of secret weapons in his quest for stardom.
The first is his excellent communication skills with chassis and engine feedback to raise the bar of his equipment and solidify his position at the front of the field.
The second is his demeanor on and off the track making him a marketer’s dream and a brand ambassador that would be suitable for any company looking to partner with a young talent in the world of motorsports.
Kuba has the kind of in-the-pits and trackside “laid-back” personality that makes everyone feel good.
He is a people-person that cares about others, at least off the track.
While on the track, he is a selfish driver that cares only about his and his team’s success at the top step of the podium.


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